How to know if your hair needs protein

How to know if your hair needs protein

Your curly hair has multiple needs. The need for protein is often overlooked or confused with the need for moisture. However, giving your locks a dose of protein is just as important, as it acts as a repairer. Here are 3 signs that your hair is clearly lacking in protein.

1. Protein is used to strengthen hair and make it more elastic. To know if your hair lacks elasticity do this test: When your hair is wet, pull lightly on a hair, if it stretches a lot without returning to its initial position and breaks, your hair lacks protein.

2. Highly porous hair is one of the many consequences of a lack of hair protein. A small protein boost is necessary if, despite all your care to moisturize your hair, it remains dry.

3. Lack of protein is often caused by chemical treatments such as colouring, Brazilian straightening, etc. So if you notice a deterioration of your hair after one of these processes, look no further, you need protein.

To help you choose the right producs, we have selected for you these protein rich clean hair care favourites:

                              curly hair products with protein canada

For washing: Hydrating cream hairbath and Hydrating cream conditioner - Rich in shea butter, avocado, monoi and tamanu oils, quinoa & flaxseed.

For treating: Hydrating hair mask - Consisted of shea butter, tamanu, coconut oils, quinoa & flaxseed.

For Styling: Quiet calm curl control - Crafted with a perfect blend of Certified Organic shea butter, rooibos tea, honey extract and rice bran oil.


Many hair problems are actually caused by a protein deficiency but unfortunately not many people know this. Now you know! If you recognize yourself in the points above, do not hesitate to make a protein cure, it is THE solution to give a second life to your hair.