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  • tréluxe restorative protein mask for curly hair
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Tréluxe Restorative Protein Mask

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Rid yourself of lifeless, limp, dull and frayed curls that just sit on your head! Give life back to your curls with the NEW Restorative Protein Mask, which uses the active power of Quinoa Protein, along with Oat Milk and Bamboo Extract, to revitalize stressed strands. Quinoa is an ancient grain that provides a plant-based source of protein.

 ✔️Adds strength and structure to straggly strands 

✔️Improves the color and vibrance of over-stressed strands

✔️Coats and reinforces brittle and thinning hair 

✔️Increases strand-by-strand moisture uptake for bounce-back curl resilience 

This product is for you if you struggle with 2 or more of these concerns: Breakage | Limp curls | Dull Strands | Excessive Frizz | Hygral Fatigue | Rough & Delicate Strands | Lack of Moisture | Failed Refresh Days | Excessive Matting & Tangling


  1. cleanse and rinse hair and scalp,

  2. while hair is still wet, apply Restorative Protein Mask to your waves or curls

  3. evenly distribute product through hair.

  4. cover hair with plastic cap for 25-30 minutes

  5. rinse product out with warm water

  6. optional- for maximum moisture, follow up with Soothe & Restore Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, then rinse again

  7. apply styling product(s) as desired