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TréLuxe 360° Curls Collection Bundle

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6-Time award-winning, CGM-approved 3M™ formula, this revolutionary curly hair routine is tested and proven to effectively and effortlessly leave your curls beautiful, voluminous and healthy-looking for up to 5-7 days without the need for refreshen.

The proprietary 3M™ formula uses plant-based blends that provide functional benefits including curl definition, moisture, and strand strengthening for textured hair.

  • Up to 5-7 days of curl definition with no refresh 
  • Define curls AND maintain moisture, for touchable, flexible curls
  • Are water-soluble and easy to wash out, preventing product build-up
  • Active botanical ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft to provide long-lasting moisture
  • Lightweight oils that don’t weigh down fine hair and delicate strands